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Upcoming workshop announcements: August 26, 2008

The next scheduled workshop is:


6:00-7:30pm Intermediate
8:00-9:30pm Advanced

LOCATION: TBA very shortly!
COST: $25/class

Please email me at emilyn.stam <at> hotmail.com to sign up for a class.

Jaron will be out of town in BC for this one, but Chelsea is back for a short while so both her and myself will be leading the classes.

As mentioned in the 1st classes, I'd love to have a regular Olitunes Class if there is enough interest. Could you all let me know if you are interested in a bi-weekly class on a Saturday, or if there is a better evening during the week that we should do instead...? I'd love to accommodate as many of your schedules as possible!

Another thing I'd really like to do is lead an Olitunes class for kids. This would likely also be on a Saturday, so please spread the word and let people know to contact me at emilyn.stam <at> hotmail.com , or 416-937-6198.

Past Workshops:

Chelsea Sleep, Emilyn Stam, Jaron Freeman-Fox and guest host Anne Lindsay held
a workshop in Toronto on June 14, 2008. Here are snippets of the afternoon session.

The tune is
The Swedish Seven
also known as
Did you see my Rainbow Socks.

Click on the tune name to play it or download all the MP3 snippets in one zip file (15MB). This file includes a special treat for your ears.
(If the display below is blank you'll need to get Adobe Flashplayer.)