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Music & Friends (in no particular order)

Anne Lindsay

Anne Lindsay
- Musician extrodinaire.

“Anne Lindsay … cut the night air with a brilliant fiddle solo that proved to be one-third Ashley MacIsaac and two-thirds Jimi-Hendrix.” -Jeff Macklin, Peterborough Examiner

Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins
-So, ya wanna play mandolin, eh?

One who has reached the heights of mandolin playing and then stretched it some more.

Big Sky Design

Big Sky Design
- Award-winning design studio.

Passionate about design and the clients they work for. Big Sky Design's approach to design and business reflects their personal values and has since they began in 1996 when principal designer Rob Wilkes left a comfortable trade job to start big sky design with only a social justice NGO and an up-and-coming theatre company for clients.

Brian Taheny
- In Canada from Sligo, impressing us all.

Brian frequents theRusty Snail session on Wednesday evenings here in Peterborough. A great musician with an amazing collection of quality instruments.
Creaking Tree

Creaking Tree String Quartet
-technically dazzling outfit

"This is organic music, presented with a wry sense of humour, and featuring some of the best up and coming musicians east of the Mississippi. ...The playing is just superb, these guys are fantastic." - bandwidth, CBC radio 1

Dr. Sam himself

Dr. Sam
- Physician & Harmonicologist. Go Figure!

Dr. Sam & The Managed Care Blues Band (the world's most reluctant band) and Dr. Sam and The Frivolous Action Blues Band (the workd's most exposed band).

Dr. Sam is responsible for the very moving “Before You Go” - a profoundly heartfelt “Thank You” and tribute to the men and women who fought this worst and greatest of wars on our behalf, and who truly saved our lives and our way of life. These are the people who fought and died to and protect us from the threat of Hitler and Imperial Japan in the 1930’s and 1940’s and other veterans.

Jono Lightstone
- Check out the HOT Klezmer band Hu Tsa Tsa
Andrew Collins

Liegh Cline
-guitarist, producer and sound engineer (also see ScimitarRecords)

Liegh plays plays guitar, tambura, saz and synthesizers. He has performed and recorded with many musicians and has three solo CDs: Orient Express, Al Asha Bi Daha and Galatia. record and perform at concerts, clubs and festivals as well as giving workshops on guitar styles, rhythms, scales and the music of Greece, Turkey, The Caucasus and Central Asia. Liegh also

RG at CKLN Radio

Mandolin Society of Peterborough (MSOP)
- Of "Mandolins Across The Otonabee" notoriety.

At the core of it all is an abiding affection for this peculiar little high strung instrument, the mandolin. “Admittedly, one on its own makes a modest statement, but twenty together makes for a glorious racket!”, says Director Curtis Driedger.


Manfred Bicycle Workshop
- Repairs, Bikeart.

Manfred Pieske started the first ever mountain bike tour in the St. Elizabeth Parish of Jamaica. Though no longer conducting tours Manfred remains a dedicated cyclist and has a unique and professional shop to help others maintain their biking gear in top shape. Check him out at 248 Wolsely Street, Peterborough, ON K9H 4Z6, 705.745.8210.

Michael Ketemer
- Acousic guitar player and all-round musician.

Michael has just released his first CD Yellow Stockings. Check it out.

Oliver Schroer

Oliver Schroer
- A truly twisted guy - we'll miss you!

Dear friends,

As you probably know Oliver passed away peacefully the morning of Thursday July 3, 2008.

Please visit www.oliverschroer.com where there will be up-to-date links to Oli-related events and details including a link to make a donation to the Oliver Schroer Scholarship Trust Fund.

Oliver's playing appears on over 100 albums of new traditional, acoustic, and popular music, including American songwriting legends He's composed roughly 1,000 pieces, and has recorded 7 CDs of his own compositions. Of the roughly 35 albums he has produced, eight have been nominated for a Juno Award, and 2 have gone Gold.

Oliver Schroer In Words & Music - Olifiddle February 19, 20008
Right-click the above link and "Save Link As" (Firefox) or "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Download Linked FIle As" (Safari).

Or you can go to CBC's Concerts On Demand: Oliver Schroer Tribute Concert where you can see the tune listand play the whole thing or just individual sections.

Pierre Schryer Band
- Tremendous and inspiring players, traditional (though willing to gleefully bend the rules) as well as original material.

Pierre Schryer: fiddle, mandolin & French-Canadian foot percussion
Duncan Cameron: voice, bodhran, whistles, bouzouki, guitar & mandolin
Joseph Phillips: guitars, bass & voice (no website yet!)
Merrie Klazek: trumpet

Ron Weyman
Goodbye, this place…

RG at CKLN Radio

Rough Idea
- Ever wondered about Pirate 90? Wonder no more.

If Toronto serves as a satellite station in a global network of cool world conspirators seeking stages for touring international or Canadian performing artists, Rough Idea is the link that recognizes the challenge of introducing and developing performance opportunities.

Saskia Tomkins
- graceful & veratile

Saskia, classically trained with a folk background and a jazz degree, plays violin, viola, celo and nykelharpe in a variety of genres from traditional to jass to experimental. In addition to teaching she's the All Britain Champion for Irish music and can call a mean square dance.

Steafan Hannigan
- Uilleann pipe player, among other things.

Steafan is a multi-instrumentalist of the highest calibur and author of the Bodrah Book and Low Whistle Book.
The Conestokers

The Conestokers
- Understated, tuneful and heartbreaking.

The self-ordained egghead outlaws of roots music never fail to please as they bring the full force of their talent and versatility to bear on classics and originals alike, producing an energetic, innovative, beautiful music you'll find as hard to resist as it is to classify.

Two Left

Two Left
- Put Up The Two!

The dynamic duo of Korce and Kaynose (cousins Tosh and Kit Weyman).